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How to return to school safely

7 July 2021

The Covid pandemic has upset the balance world, putting us in front of numerous unforeseen and unexpected problems. Among the most serious consequences there is certainly the…

How to deal with emergency situations

7 July 2021

Crisis situations such as those caused by Covid demonstrate how important it is to be able to face any type of difficulty with fast and efficient solutions.A…

Safer events

7 July 2021

Through the promotion of Italian tourism to discover the most authentic beauties of our land, numerous accommodation facilities have found themselves faced with the need to ensure…

Covers for industry

7 July 2021

In the field of trade and industry, marquees are the most effective and practical solution to increase the logistical and production spaces of companies. Thanks to versatile,…

The future of agriculture

7 July 2021

Continuous climate change is one of the main challenges for the world and in particular for the agricultural sector. Thinking about and adapting to a new increasingly…

Rethinking spaces in sport

7 July 2021

The Covid pandemic has caused an abrupt change in social habits: the danger of gatherings has heavily influenced the world of sport, also involving the amateur and…