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Posted On: 7 July 2021

How to return to school safely

The Covid pandemic has upset the balance world, putting us in front of numerous unforeseen and unexpected problems. Among the most serious consequences there is certainly the problem of spaces, a crucial issue especially in the school environment. According to the estimated needs in view of the restart, about 70,000 new classrooms would be needed: a complex but not insurmountable undertaking.

The use of suitable structures will ensure the continuity of teaching activities, without upsetting the habits of the children and the work of teachers and school managers. Through careful design, our marquees will be able to meet all the needs of schools, oratories and recreational activities, fitting in perfect architectural and stylistic harmony with the existing buildings.

The speed of assembly due to the few bureaucratic formalities makes it possible to immediately make external areas operational that otherwise would remain subject to weather conditions. The extreme customization in the choice of furnishings and features will allow for comfortable, safe, perfectly air-conditioned and sanitized environments, made in compliance with the standards of absolute safety and resistance over time.