Puglia Allestimenti


Posted On: 7 July 2021

Safer events

Through the promotion of Italian tourism to discover the most authentic beauties of our land, numerous accommodation facilities have found themselves faced with the need to ensure the maintenance of social distancing and respect for the interpersonal distance of one meter in common spaces. Also
restaurants have to deal with fewer seats in their rooms and the possibility of setting up outdoor spaces to allow their customers to have lunches and dinners in comfortable and safe environments.

The concept of “hospitality” has therefore changed and now aims both at the full satisfaction of guests and at their safety. With our tent we create environments for catering, kitchens, restaurants, reception rooms, health areas, events and entertainment that are perfectly air-conditioned, illuminated and set up to create welcoming and safe areas.

We are able to offer you and create all the most suitable solutions for mobile or permanent spaces that allow your structure to respond to changes in an innovative and intelligent way, welcoming customers in the best possible way.