Puglia Allestimenti


Posted On: 7 July 2021

How to deal with emergency situations

Crisis situations such as those caused by Covid demonstrate how important it is to be able to face any type of difficulty with fast and efficient solutions.
A need that is becoming more and more urgent in health emergencies and that can be solved with faster and more modern installation systems.

These types of covers designed to expand the spaces of hospitals are made to adapt to any surface, with top quality materials that make them durable and resistant even to the most adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to the experience gained over time, the Puglia Allestimenti team will guarantee not only the best
safety of structure, but will allow health workers to work in healthy, safe and intelligent habitats, ready to respond in a timely manner with every request for help and support. Quick to assemble and disassemble, they can be transported easily thanks to the relatively light weight and modular design. Disaster response teams, military forces, humanitarian organizations, youth groups rely on our products for their needs.